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The GUI Family

The people and units that make up GUI

Executive Management

Charting the direction of this beautiful vision - to spread Love, Laughter, and to live an Inspiring Life.


Lai Hock
In Loving Memory of Kampung Chief

Lai Hock gave up a well-paying job to fulfil his vision of a 21st Century Kampung Culture. He believed in practicing mindfulness and meditation, and you can read more about the founding story in the other parts of our website.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal

Executive Lead/ Kampung WonderWoman

Mei is our Kampung Wonder Woman – from changkul-ing to washing to weeding, she does it all with amazing grace! She takes charge of caring for the space and does it with incredible efficiency. Mei and her selfless contribution over the last 10 years has been a crucial part of GUI. We are grateful to have her as the Executive Lead, helping GUI move into the next phase of growth

Bing Yu
Estate & Operations Lead / Kampung Architect

Starting off as a volunteer in 2011, Bingyu now takes charge of all things related to the built environment at GUI. Being an architect by training, he played a big part in building Kampung Kampus and the Heartquarters, an Award Winning net-zero energy building. He is also a highly driven and creative problem solver, who supports GUI in many other strategic planning and operational matters beyond estate management.

Khin Boon
Grants & Internal Sales Lead/ Kampung Handyman

Khin Boon started as a volunteer in 2010. After quitting his job as a civil servant to work full time in GUI, the Kampung has become his second home. Aside from helping out with basic repair work and installation projects, Khin Boon supports GUI in securing additional funds and seeking out sponsored project ideas to better serve the community. He also oversees the internal sales processes.

HR Representative

Lynn has been a Human Resources professional for 20 years. She started volunteering with GUI in 2014, helping out with farming tasks, Balik Kampung as well as workshop facilitation. Realizing the need to take better care of our people and the organization, GUI has gotten Lynn onboard, on a part-time basis, to look after key Human Resources matters, including training and development needs for core team members. 

Marketing Representative

Janny is a freelance marketing consultant with over 8 years of marketing experience. She started as a volunteer with GUI in early 2019 helping out with Social Media and adhoc housekeeping tasks. Since joining GUI part-time, Janny has been working closely with our Digital & Web Volunteers to manage GUI’s social media, website, as well as helping to refine the branding and communication strategy moving forward.

Touchwood Representative

Shawn is a Civil Engineer. He has been volunteering with GUI Craft arm (Touchwood) since 2015, helping with projects, workshop facilitation as well as proposing new woodworking initiatives. Driven by his passion for woodworking, upcycling and a strong belief in the need for a space like GUI Touchwood, Shawn has stepped up to represent Touchwood in the Management Team. 

Business Development Consultant

Tommy was a division marketing director for the Asia Pacific region at an MNC. Now a retiree, he enjoys learning new things and giving back to the community through volunteering and teaching. Leveraging his corporate experience managing people and growing businesses, Tommy hopes to share his knowledge and advice to help GUI come up with new ideas and approach towards financial sustainability.

Management Processes Consultant

Pat first knew about GUI through a friend. She started volunteering with GUI's Craft arm (Touchwood), helping with odd jobs and facilitating craft activities. As GUI is looking to adopt more structure and increase efficiency in the way we do things, Pat has volunteered to support GUI as a Management Processes Consultant. A trained social worker and counsellor, Pat brings with her rich and diverse experiences in private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Craft Unit

“He who works with his hands is a labourer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.” - Francis of Assisi
Yu Tong
Workshop Technician

With a passion for art & craft, Yu Tong enjoys working with natural basic materials to create useful items. He helps GUI in taking care of the craft space and coordinate craft workshops and projects.

Unit Representative

A long-time volunteer in the Craft Unit, Shawn has also stepped up to represent the unit in GUI Executive Management team, providing inputs and ideas for growth & expansion.

HOG StoryHOG Story

Farm Unit

"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken." - Leo Tolstoy
Mrs Tang

One of our lovely elders (and powerhouses!) behind our farm! She prepares and sells our chemical-free farm produce faithfully every weekend at our Retail Corner along with other farm volunteers. 

Si Jing

A beautiful soul with a big heart for nature. Si Jing loves working on the farm, composting, planting, harvesting and running educational farm tours to grow the awareness and appreciation for food source.

HOG StoryHOG Story
Uncle Cheng

Always immersing in his old world farming with all his heart and full attention, Uncle Cheng is really a symbol of quiet dedication. 

Sales, Marketing & Admin

Where our unsung warriors work silently behind the scenes!

Sales Executive

Janet joined GUI full-time in 2020, helping Mei managing sales and business development for our B2B programme development & outreach.

HOG StoryHOG Story
Yue Rong
Content Creator

Also known as Creative Wizard, Yue Rong helps to create beautiful content to spread the word about GUI in the digital world.

HOG StoryHOG Story
Yeng Yen
Admin & Volunteer Coordinator

Yeng Yen was a Waldorf teacher, now a Bothmer Gymnast and Vimala Writing practitioner. She looks forward to support the family's vision in cultivating a 21st Century Kampung for modern society.

HOG StoryHOG Story

Of course, it’s not just the teams above making the Kampung Kampus thrive. We also have our bunch of active volunteers working silently behind the scenes – touching wood; on the soil; warming hearts!


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