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Our Kampung Spaces

Gathering Space

~Our space for gatherings and more!~

A huge and semi-outdoor tentage space where we host a range of programmes for schools, companies and organisations.


  • Max. capacity: 400 pax
  • Area size: 30m x 20m; 600 sqm
  • Utilities included
  • Pre-event set up costs involved

Possible events:

  • Family Day
  • Carnivals
  • Parties
  • Weddings

Living Room (Yuan Qi Space)

~The Kampung Living Room~

The living room of the Sustainable Living Kampung where people from all walks of life meet. Also includes a garden area called the SuRF Site (Sustainable Urban Roof-top Farm), a 100sqm plot of land which we first started building from in 2009. Today, we stand on 26,000sqm of land.

Check out our first year here! 


  • Theatre setting: 80 pax
  • Workshop setting: 40 pax
  • Utilities included

Possible events:

  • Family Day
  • Carnivals
  • Parties
  • Weddings

Training Room

~A room of requirements, as and when you require the space to be~

Featuring a beautiful chengal wood floor and a colourful recycled glass bottle wall with our handmade bricks. 


  • Area Size: 8.2m x 7.4m; 60sqm
  • Max. capacity: 30pax
  • Sliding doors lead to open air space 
  • Air-conditioning available
  • Utilities included

Possible events:

  • Talks
  • Film Screenings
  • Wellness Sessions
  • Art jamming
  • Music performances
  • & many more!


~Great for campfires!~

The Chinese idiom  ” to be like a fish in water ” (如鱼得水) inspired the design of our outdoor amphitheatre space. 

Envisioned as two fishes encircling each other in constant motion, the earth bunds create an undulating, flowing landform that gently hugs the amphitheatre space, making this a condusive environment for various types of group activities. 

Like fish in water, we believe that a close relationship with Nature can bring out the best of one’s natural talents. To swim or not to swim, the many possibilities of how this space can be used is up to your own imaginations!


  • Total Area (including earth bunds): 1260 sqm
  • Central Space (excluding earth bunds): 400 sqm
  • Max capacity: Open space (up to your imagination!)
  • Possible events!
    • campfires
    • Star-gazing
    • BBQ gathering
    • Celebrations (anniversary etc.)
    • Team-building and leadership training activities
    • Outdoor performances

Learning Space

~Making space for learning~

An integrated learning and farming area provides a safe space for participants to learn about the Self, their team, and the land. The open landscape and undulating landforms encourage participants to be aware of their environment and the people around them.

Featuring outdoor creativity spaces including camping grounds and our Amphitheatre Earth Bunds.


  • Max: 40pax (10 six-men tents)

Possible events:

  • Great camping ground in the outdoors
  • Wet weather plan: Gathering Space


~A Net-Zero Energy Building - Our Kampung's Pride!~

GUI’s very first building – where you can find the boardroom, administrative areas and working space for GUI’s core team and education partners.

The HeartQuarters (HQ) rises from the footprint of the previous building by Bottle Tree Park, features simple geometry, and works with the elements. Designed as a net-zero energy building with a low carbon footprint, the HQ maximises natural lighting and ventilation while its generous height lets heat and humidity escape.


~Farm our land, farm our hearts~

One of our farming areas uniquely designed like a maze. We are committed to organic certification (certified by NASAA – the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) and practising non-chemical; natural farming methods.

Kampung Backyard

~Nature's kitchen - with a million-dollar view~

“Makan is our most intimate connection with the Earth.”

Our communal kitchen area where we cook together, eat together and clean up together.

Making Space

~A space for making~

A space that encourages craftmanship and the love of making with your hands, and more importantly, finding inner space within oneself for creativity and joy.

Featuring Touchwood and our office containers, this is a place that aspires to incubate innovative social enterprises with the GUI ecosystem.

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