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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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About Ground-Up Initiative (GUI)

What/Who is Ground Up Initiative (GUI)?

Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is a non-profit organisation based in Yishun, and we have been around since 2008. Since 2014, we have been expanding and building up our nature-inspired Kampung Kampus on a 26,000sqm plot of land leased from the Singapore government.

We seek to cultivate a sense of rootedness by involving people physically in the light construction, maintenance and upkeeping of our shared spaces, not just in Kampung Kampus but also Singapore as a whole. By doing so, GUI hopes to rekindle not only the Kampung charm, but also to instill a strong sense of ownership, resilience, pride and honour in our nation.

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What programmes does GUI offer?

Brick by brick, the Kampung Kampus has been built up through the power of community. As GUI is not funded by the government or other corporate entities, we have been trying to be self-sufficient through the paid programmes conducted by our various social enterprises.

The nature of these programmes varies according to their respective thematic focus areas and cater towards a range of groups, ranging from individuals and families, to corporations and public agencies. We also offer teambuilding experiences which are highly experiential in nature!

Craft: https://www.facebook.com/touchwoodgui

(P.S. we really did use bricks developed in-house for construction of the Kampung Kampus. Try to spot them at the Kampung Kampus)

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Space Rental

Can I host my event at Kampung Kampus?

Family Days? Sure!

Event seminars? Got you covered!

Camps? Our tents are calling out to you!

Our Kampung Kampus comprises of a variety of spaces suited for a variety of uses, and we have an array of logistics to support your event needs. Come on, write in to us at involve@groundupinitiative.org to find out more about rental rates and to coordinate a site visit.

Click below for a virtual tour of our Kampung Kampus!

Kampung Tour


How can I volunteer?

The value and importance of volunteers cannot be understated! Our pool of volunteers play an integral role in the maintenance and even operations of GUI and its constituent social enterprises. Each enterprise draws upon a pool of volunteers to support their work in the fields of farming and woodcraft.

Do you have a particular interest which you wish to develop together with us? Or perhaps, simply looking for a way to help us out? Check out the various ways you can join our family of volunteers in the next few tabs!

1) Balik Kampung

Return home! Since 2008, we have opened the doors of the Kampung Kampus to the general public through our flagship volunteering programme Balik Kampung which runs on selected Saturdays.

Individuals participate in a variety of tasks and activities which are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the Kampung Kampus depending on the particular needs of the day. Be prepared to exert as these activities are physical in nature! Remember to come properly dressed in active wear and cover shoes, and most importantly, bring along positive can-do attitude.

Young ones are also welcome to participate in Balik Kampung as well, and can be engaged by simple housekeeping tasks. There’s something for everyone at the Kampung!

Head over to point 2 to see the list of Balik Kampung activities.

2) Giving.sg by NVPC

Looking to contribute in a particular field? Look towards our volunteer listings on Giving.sg, a centralised web portal which hosts a variety of initiatives and volunteering programmes offered by organizations in Singapore. Our volunteer listings on Giving.sg caters towards those who are looking for a more targeted volunteering experience on weekdays.

Take this opportunity to develop your interests and skillsets in a specific direction and meet like-minded people in the process as well! Find out more details on the respective volunteer listings.

Click below for registration and other details!

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3) Skills-Based Volunteering

Awesome at doing something which you think may be of help to us? Please let us know! We are happy to engage individuals or groups who have expertise across a spectrum of skills which can be channelled into GUI’s growth, in areas including but not limited to:

Events Management
Visual Design

If you have a skill which you would like to contribute, please quickly let us know at: involve@groundupinitiative.org.

Can I bring a group to volunteer?

Many hands make light work! Bring along a group larger than 5 pax and come support the upkeeping and maintenance of the Kampung Kampus as group volunteers.

For group volunteering, we respectfully ask for a kind monetary contribution to help support the Kampung Kampus operations. Examples of corporations and agencies who have volunteered with us include various primary and secondary schools, JTC, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Medtronic and many more.

GUI is not funded by the government, foundation or corporations. We are self-funded and run programmes and volunteer activities to reach out to people with our philosophy and sustain a 26,000sqm of land financially which is a monthly five-digit figure. Every monetary contribution helps and we would appreciate it deeply!

Thursday and Fridays are the best days to visit us as a group. Send a pigeon messenger to us involve@groundupinitiative.org if you are keen to organise such a session!

Read more about our Tech Detox below!

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I would like to bring in a group of people to visit, is this possible?

Of course! We’ve had people from various groups and firms visit the Kampung Kampus to learn more about our work and how it resonates with our themes of personal development, community spirit and sustainability. This can be done a variety of ways, from guided tours; volunteering activities to speaking and sharing sessions, depending on the nature of your objectives.

Let us know at involve@groundupinitiative.org with information about the following details and we’ll be delighted to see how we are able to accommodate your visit:

Objective(s) of your visit
What you intend to do (if any) at Kampung Kampus
Group size & profile
Proposed dates / timings
Budget for visit
Additional comments you’d like us to know

I would like to invite someone from GUI to speak at my event, how do I go about this?

Talking you say? We’re honoured to have receive requests from various groups and institutions to speak on a variety of subject matters with regards to themes ranging from sustainability to the environment. If you’d like us to share more about our work and perspectives at your event, email us at involve@groundupinitiative.org with the following details:

What is the theme(s) which you would like us to share about
What is the profile of the audience
Are you interested in any particular speaker(s) from GUI
What are the dates and timings which you’re looking at
What are the details of your budget for this
Additional comments

Can I buy vegetables from your farm?

Fancy some chemical-free grown greens? Limited stocks harvested straight from our farm only every Saturday from 10am onwards at our facility, the Kampung Kampus located at 91 Lorong Chencharu. Come buy them before they’re sold out!

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