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Education Partners


Bee Amazed

Bee Amazed is a bee garden offering educational programmes, corporate workshops, family activities, honey tasting, environmental talks and basic beekeeping lessons. John Chong, the founder of BEE AMAZED (who also happens to be a retired school leader, how cool is that!), hopes to provide knowledge and information on the local bees, honey and basic beekeeping.
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Diggersite is a one-of-a-kind edutainment centre that provides a realistic experience in operating small scale construction machinery. The recreational and educational digger rides aim to help children develop skills such as hand-eye coordination, which forms the basic foundation for writing, crafts and other fine motor activities.
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WOW Kampung

WOW Kampung is an affiliate education social enterprise of Ground-Up Initiative. WOW Kampung believe that a 21st century education requires a big picture understanding, a willingness to get our hands dirty, and equally important, a sense of joy and purpose (that’s how we fuel the drive to be our best!)  
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Otolith Enrichment

Otolith Enrichment is an education and consultancy company in the areas of aquaculture and agriculture. Like otoliths – structures found in the inner ear bones of vertebrates that help animals listen and find balance – Otolith Enrichment aims to do the same for you. They offer in-school programs that contain both theoretical and practical components specially crafted to kindle students’ passion for learning and to help them realize their full potential.
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Ness (by Sun & Earth Pte Ltd) is the first in Singapore to cultivate Spirulina in a controlled environment. Gram for gram, Spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the earth. Spirulina is known to have favorable effect on cardiovascular and metabolic biomarkers, including lipid, glucose, and diabetic & blood pressure management. Feel free to talk to us about how this earth food can benefit you.
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