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Craft Workshop FAQs

Curious About Our Craft Workshops?

How do parent-child workshops (Family Toy Car Making, Family Woody Friend Making) work?

During the workshop, parent and child will work together to produce a piece of work.
Parents will support his/her child in the making process; i.e.: handling tools, helping in sawing. We hope this interactive activity serves as a parent-child bonding session while introducing upcycling ideas to both adults and children.

Are most workshops open to kids and youth only?

Other than the parent-child workshops, the rest of our workshops are open to adults!

What is the minimum age to join the workshops?

Please refer to the table below for the minimum age for respective workshops.

Workshop Minimum age
My Toy Car
My Woody Friend
Family Toy Car
Family Woody Friend
Ages 5 & above
Creative Shelf
Foosball Table Making
Toy House Making
Basic Woodworking (Kids)
Ages 10 & above

If my child is below the minimum age for a particular workshop (I.e. Foosball table making), can he/she join?

If the child is below minimum age and wishes to join, the parent can sign up as a participant and assume all tasks of the making processes. The parent can bring one child. However, they will have to manage their child to prevent any disruption to the class.
On our end, we could advise on the lighter tasks which the child could possibly do under the parent’s guidance.

I signed up for a parent-child pair workshop to make one item, can I bring one more kid to join in the experience?

Due to space limitation, it is subjected to the class size that day. Kindly check with us nearer to the workshop date!

Why is there such a strict age restriction?

The age restriction is mainly due to the extended duration of time and complexity of the making process.
From our experience, we understand younger kids tend to have shorter attention spans and limited understanding in concepts and instructions. While we hope to reach out to more audiences, we do not wish to compromise on the learning experience for our participants. We seek your understanding in this.

I would like to sign up for 2 or more kids, is there any discount?

Yes 🙂 For 2 or more kids, they can enjoy 10% siblings discount off the total fees.

Can I organize a private session for my group? What are the charges?

Yes. The charges will be based on:
a. Type of workshop
b. Number of pax and ages
c. Any customization
d. duration
Please contact us directly for a quote with the details listed above – at

I signed up for a 3-day workshop and I cannot make it for one of the sessions. Can I reschedule?

Yes. However, there will be an additional charge of $30 for the rescheduled session, as it will be a 1-to-1 class.

Confirmation and Cancellation

Confirmation email will be sent, once a minimum number of participants to start a workshop has been met.
In the event of a low sign-up rate, we will reschedule the workshop. Participants will be informed 1 week in advance.
Fees paid are non-refundable. If you are not able to attend the workshop which u have registered and paid for, kindly inform us and we will schedule you for the next available public session (of the same workshop).

What is the mode of payment?

Kindly make payment via internet banking or ATM funds transfer. Payment information will be included in the confirmation email.
Please sent a screenshot of the transaction details (Date, Name and Amount transferred) to

I wish to organize a personal group session for one of the workshops listed. What are the charges?

For group sessions, the charges will depend on the selected workshop as well as the number of pax.

I wish to organize a staff retreat for my company or woodworking workshops for my school students. What are the charges?

For corporate/school programs, kindly contact us directly at .
To facilitate an efficient communication, it will be great if you can include the following in your email:
a. group size
b. preferred month/date
c. duration
d. budget
e. the theme/learning objectives/topics that your company or school wishes to address

I do not see any workshop that interests me. Can I request for a tailored workshop?

Yes. We do provide personal coaching workshops if you wish to have a 1-to-1 session. Fees will be based on the item’s size and complexity, the materials costs, the duration needed as well as the facilitator fees.

For any other questions, please contact us with this form 🙂

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