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Craft Workshop FAQs

Curious About Our Craft Workshops?

How do parent-child and family oriented programs (i.e. Woody Space) work?

During the program, each participating pair will embark upon a experiential and collaborative learning journey together as they attempt to motivate, support and inspire each other through a challenging woodworking process of conceptualizing and coproducing a piece of craftwork.

We hope this interactive bonding activity would serve as a stepping stone towards the deepening and strengthening of their mutual relationships, and spark the rethinking of contemporary lifestyles and existing consumption habits through the exploration of the possibilities of upcycling with both the young and the young at heart.

What is the minimum age to participate in the workshops?

Workshop Minimum age
Family Bonding Programs Ages 5 & above
Basic Woodworking for Kids Ages 8 & above
Fundamentals in Woodworking Ages 18 & above
L2 In Woodworking Ages 18 & above
Woody Space Ages 5 with accompanying adult, & above

Could my child participate if he/she is below the minimum age requirement for a particular workshop?

If the child is below minimum age and wishes to join, the parent can sign up as a participant and assume responsibility for the major tasks within the making processes.

The parent can bring one child. However, they will have to manage their child to prevent any disruption to the class.

On our end, we could advise on the lighter tasks which the child could possibly do under the parent’s guidance.

Why is there such a strict age restriction?

The age restriction is mainly in consideration of the extended duration of the workshop sessions and complexity of the making process.

From our experience, we understand that younger kids tend to have shorter attention spans, are more limited in their ability to grasp concepts and to adhere to directions, and often lack the attributes required to maintain focus and productivity through the extended periods of rigorous woodworking activity.

While we hope to reach out to a wider audience, we do not wish to compromise on the learning experience for our participants.

Hence, we seek your understanding in this.

I signed up for a 3-day workshop and I cannot make it for one of the sessions. Can I reschedule?

Yes. However, there will be an additional charge of $50 for the rescheduled session, as it will be an essentially 1-to-1 class.

As an active participant, could I use the Touchwood workshop facilities outside of scheduled classes to work on my workshop project?

If you are an active participant from one of our ongoing public workshops, you may make use of our tools and facilities if you wish to put in additional hours on your project specific to the workshop, subject to the availability of the facilities.

If you are unable to complete your project past the duration of the program, you may continue to enjoy the use of our facilities within 4 weeks past the conclusion date of the program to work on the project specific to the program, beyond which a day rate of $50 would be chargeable if you wish to continue to use our facilities.

Could I make use of the Touchwood workshop facilities if I am not an active participant?

If you are not an active participant in an ongoing program, the use of our tools and facilities comes at a day rate of $50, subject to its availability.

If you have some experience in woodworking but is new to the workshop, we would conduct a tool and workspace orientation session for you for a fee of $80 prior.

If you are both new to the workshop and to woodworking, we would strongly recommend that you undergo one of our introductory woodworking programs first.

I would like to do a Group Signup (3 Pax and Above) for a scheduled public program. How do I go about with that?

If you are making multiple signups for a scheduled public program, you could write in to with your request.

With a Group Signup, you would be able to enjoy a 10% discount off your course fees.

Payment in this mode of registration would be processed via Electronic Banking Transfer or PayNow.

Can I organize a private session for my group? What are the fees like?


The charges will be based on:
a. Type of workshop
b. Number of pax and age group
c. Any customization
d. Duration

Please contact us directly for a quote with the details listed above – at

I wish to organize a staff retreat for my company or woodworking workshops for my school students. What are the fees like?

For corporate/school programs, kindly contact us directly at

To facilitate an efficient communication, it will be great if you can include the following in your email:
a. Group Size
b. Preferred Month/Date
c. Duration
d. Budget
e. The theme/learning objectives/topics that your company or school wishes to address

I do not see any workshop that is of interest to me. Could I request for a tailored workshop?

We do provide personal coaching workshops if you wish to have a 1-to-1 session for those who wish to direct their own learning experience.

Fees will be based on the item’s size and complexity, the materials costs, the duration needed as well as the facilitator fees.

Confirmation and Cancellation

A confirmation email will be sent, once a minimum number of participants to start a workshop has been met.

In the event of a low take-up rate, the workshop may be subject to rescheduling.
Participants will be informed 1 week in advance.

In the event if you are not able to attend the workshop which you have registered and paid for, kindly inform us ahead of time and we will reschedule you for the next available run of the public workshop.

Alternatively, you could also have the option of having your payments reserved as transferable credits with us that could used for your future participation in other programs from Touchwood and Ground-Up Initiative.

In the event that you are not able to attend a program and wish to work towards getting a refund, please note that a 10% administrative fee would be levied on your payment.

For any other questions, please contact us with this form 🙂

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