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Initiatives from the Ground Up

This year we are proud to host many new events such as our first ever Farmers’s Market, Dungeons & Dragons, Woody Space, Earth Oven workshops, and Ground Zero Festival. All initiated by dear volunteers who wanted to experiment new and engage more people at the Kampung. Pesta Kampung happened again 2019 after its pilot run in 2018, and our next Farmers’ Market is coming up on the 14 & 15 of March, 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19)!

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Serving Our Community & Society

Supporting companies and private organisations with their social responsibility efforts, we organised meaningful CSR programmes such as Food With Love, Stools for Good, Captain Our Lives, and SuperSavers. We also partnered with beneficiary organisations to conduct programmes such as Sensory Farm Experience with St Andrew’s Autism Centre, and various group volunteering sessions with MINDS.



Can the wonderful Kampung Spirit be spread beyond our Kampung Kampus? Of course! We engaged the communities around the Yishun neighbourhood with Let’s Go Harvesting with Nee Soon East residents, Chong Pang Residents Dialogue with Minister, Earth Day @ Yishun Nature Park, and Canberra Family Day. 


The Environment is our Teacher

Our Kampung Kampus surrounded by nature and a little wilderness within this little urban city, is a source of inspiration for many eco-educational programmes. We hosted schools and families alike with programmes such as Families Go Wild 2D1NCamp, Geographical Investigation (Stream Water Testing) with Yishun Secondary School, and Camp Unplugged by Sprouting Seeds.


Vibrancy through Arts & Culture

GUI attracts many great and creative minds to gather and exchange thoughts and ideas. And that interweaving of ideas gave birth to various artistic collaborations and events like Kampung Sketching, Music in Our Backyard, and Community Circus by Bornfire.


Healing Bodies, Minds, and Spirits 

Our Kampung is a place where many seek respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our nature-inspired classroom provided a perfect place to host classes and events like Kampung Pilates, TCM Talks (Self-Care Series), Pasar Athma, Herbal Cuisine Class, and Uncle Tan’s Herbs Talk.


It Takes A Village

Our journey this year would not have been possible without the support of the community – our dear friend Siok Hui’s donation to GUI in her will, Kampung birthday parties (Thaddeus, Jude, Ella), our awesome volunteers in the day-to-day – farmers, housekeepers, landscape & watering guardians, kampung masterchefs and more. Also not forgetting our Education Partners – Bee Amazed (bee garden), NESS (spirulina farm), Diggersite (edutainment), Odyssey Dance Theatre (2018), and Otolith Enrichment (aquaculture).


In the limelight

We also appreciate various media outlets for featuring GUI in the media this year, spreading the awareness of GUI to the general public’s consciousness – ChannelNewsAsia, Channel 8, Jetstar, Suria and multiple radio stations.



We learnt to be more financially smart (still work in progress).

We continue to pay up our monthly rent on time, without any default at all.

The core team still stuck together, and that is the biggest act of team building – through thick and thin. It was not easy…

Our Profit/Loss Statements for 11 months of 2019… FINALLY BALANCED!
(except for February but the other months made up for it)

We managed to cover our monthly operational expenses – a stark contrast from a two-year period of being in the red, through the many programmes and production work we were running non-stop.



We have broken a new outreach record

GUI has touched many lives over the years from Day 1. As you see, ever since we got our land extension in 2014, there has been ups and downs. We’ve worked especially hard this year, and as of December 2019, we’ve reached out to more individuals that we usually would have done in a full year – 19,500 (without even counting our daily volunteers), and still counting..

Projected vs. Actual Revenue 2019

Programmes & Products (target met!)110%
Education Partners & Consultation (target met!)100%
Venue Rental (target met!)100%
Grants (target met!)100%
Community Sponsorship30%

Thanks to the relentless hard work of our volunteers and core team, we managed to hit the projected revenue in almost every category this year. In fact, our programmes revenue went 110% of our target. In other words, we worked harder than we expected. 🙏

Your support has brought us to where we are now. In six months, GUI has managed to clear 5% of our overall debt. If you believe in the strength of the GUI spirit and the power of community, continue to walk together with us. Believe that we will have a better tomorrow.



Balik Kampungs


Waste wood


Organic Vegetables

Priceless Connections


We Need You



Community Sponsorship

GUI will continue regardless whatever outcome we receive about the land. Currently, we are seeking an extension in order to manage our financial situation, and as of 21 Apr 2020 (the eve of GUI’s 12th Birthday), we are glad to announce that a temporary extension of the Kampung Kampus has happened. 

In the case we need to seek alternative land to rebuild, we are open to various possibilities depending on the factors to consider.

And to do all these, we urgently need to increase our ability to survive financially and steadily repay all our debts. 


Simple Ways To Help GUI


Join our programmes

By joining our programmes and workshops you are helping to support GUI financially. Upcoming Programmes ➜

Stay tuned, post-#KeepKampungAlive

We started our community sponsorship campaign to help GUI’s journey towards zero-debt. Every bit counts – #KeepKampungAlive ended on 30 Apr 2020, and please stay tuned for details of our next social campaign! Contribute ➜

Tell your friends!

Share on your social media about GUI to help more people discover us. Like our posts, tag us, use the hashtag #KeepKampungAlive


Thank you for your support to keep GUI going!

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