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Our Story

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Why Do We Exist?

We believe in the need to create a space to nurture creativity and risk-taking.

When we involve people in the process, we create a happier and sustainable future.

What's Our Vision?

We want to see a 5G society: Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Grateful – a foundation for a 21st Century Kampung Culture that cultivates holistic solutions for a happier, liveable and sustainable future for modern society.

What's Our Solution?

The more you are involved, the more connected you are to a space. Simple as that. We invite you to ‘Get Involved’ to find out more on how you can play a part!

What people say about us

It will be a place I will bring my next generations to.

Ken Soon, Kampung Volunteer

GUI has made me a better son, husband, citizen to the country and a person living on this earth.

Bingyu, Kampung Master Builder

GUI models the way I would like to live, connect to my community and to the environment. It is a unique space in Singapore that reminds us of the wisdom of age-old practices that can guide us forward.

Bela Somaiah, Kampung (Bela The Bee)

GUI made me more appreciative of the little things in my life and to try and find joy in my everyday life and more importantly, to recognize the importance of reconnecting with our land, restoring the kampung spirit that is almost non existent in urban Singapore.

Tan Pei Lun, Kampung Volunteer, 15

In modern/advanced societies the connection between people to people and people with nature has been lost. GUI is the ideal platform to regain that lost connection.

Venkateshwara Rao, Kampung Farmer

GUI has inspired me because of the lengths its people are willing to go and the sweat they are willing to shed in order to fulfill its vision. Determination, working against the odds…

Johanna Lee

GUI brings people together from all walks of life for a common purpose that has many benefits for both individuals as well as our natural environment.

Thomas Juergensen, Kampung Volunteer

You can be an “adult student” in GUI, and this allows our souls to recover and replenish itself after the corporate world, returning balance to our lives.

Lee Li Fang, Kampung Volunteer

Singapore being a highly urbanised and globalised society needs a space like GUI for the young to experience and bring about groundedness, resilience, shared responsibility, being pro active and looking beyond ourselves.

Lee Kam Yen, Kampung Farmer

GUI has given me inspiration – pushing up my standards for what I believe is possible in Singapore – and given me a space to apply my ideas into something concrete.

Ng Huiying, Kampung Volunteer

A values-based community for the 21st Century that shows the attitudes and skills needed for resilience in a changing world in many everyday ways.

Kim Lee

GUI has reminded me the importance of mindfulness and being more conscious and aware of the people, things and places around me.

Julia Lim, Kampung Volunteer / Youth Leader

An authentic and awesome group of people who aims to nurture greater connections with community and our living environment. Aiya, you need to come down to experience for yourself!

Sixian Lim, Kampung Farmer

I feel more empowered to realize the things people can do, the impacts that we can have, both as a Singaporean and as a person belonging to this world.

Eleanor Look

A space which promotes connection between humans and the earth.

Yap Ee Ling

Helps to foster a sense of community and belonging to Singapore

Cheong Mun Chung

I learnt about the importance of the soil, to take care of our health and eat clean because when the diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

Lynn Tan, Kampung Volunteer

GUI healed my soul and gave me opportunities to learn and grow mentally and physically.

Shirley Tan

GUI shows us why it is important to be human – one of the core traits of a caring and resilient society.

Clara Lim

It is great that GUI is engaging families to come and enjoy having fun together, rather than to each his/her own electronic devices.

Lee Qing

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