Balik Kampung Registration

Ground-Up Initiative is a Singapore 21st Century 'School of Life' in a nature-inspired campus to forge A Beautiful Connection with the Earth and Community through Farming Your Heart.

Balik Kampung (meaning ‘going home’ in the Malay language) is our flagship community programme that happens on Saturdays. It helps us to renew our connection with the land and one another through a variety of tasks that helps upkeep the Kampung Kampus – GUI's community campus located in Yishun which is currently being built up by volunteers from all walks of life.

These activities on the land revolve around the themes of Community Building, Sustainable Living and being a Positive Change in our society.

We work on the land together through farming, cooking and housekeeping to build up and maintain the space. More importantly, we want to encourage more mindfulness in our urban lifestyle.

General Information Before Signing Up

Video on how to get to Kampung Kampus:

When coming from Lorong Chencharu, look out for the hand-painted Kampung Kampus signage and make a left turn in. To your left, you will see our farm and on your right, you will see our woodcrafting area and beautifully painted sunflower containers before arriving at the entrance of the "Sustainable Living Kampung" (past the white tentage).

When coming from ORTO, walk past the carpark and lake towards beautiful wall murals - painted by volunteers too! - and you will arrive at the "Sustainable Living Kampung" as well.

Activity Calendar