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Balik Kampung (Saturdays)

Our Flagship Volunteer Programme

Balik Kampung (meaning ‘going home’ in Malay) is our flagship community programme that happens on Saturdays. It helps us to renew our connection with the land and one another by maintaining our Kampung Kampus.

These activities on the land revolve around the themes of Community BuildingSustainable Living and being a Positive Change in our society.

We work on the land together through farming, cooking and housekeeping to build up and maintain the space. More importantly, we want to encourage more mindfulness in our urban lifestyle.

A yummy plant-based lunch is included 🙂 

Here’s what to expect during Balik Kampung (Saturdays only):

  • Group welcome and warm up
  • Hands on housekeeping tasks
  • Reflections in a group (there will be a silent time for reflections, and sharings in a small group)
  • Practice of gratitude in our closing session


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