Ground-Up Initiative

Ground-up Initiative is working on a new web presence.
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Meanwhile, join our Facebook group, visit us at Kampung Kampus or experience the kampung spirit with our flagship community program, Balik Kampung. Contact us if you'll like to explore educational and corporate programmes with Ground-Up Initiative and its various social enterprises.

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Creating spaces for resilience and connection

Ground-up Initiative (GUI) is founded to bridge the disconnect that modern society creates between people, their communities and the environment.

It believes investing in the culture of our people is key to shaping the future of our ever-changing, demanding, fast-paced modern world. It cultivates a space to nurture rootedness and resilience of our people by allowing them to experience groundedness, hard work and connection.

"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken."
- Leo Tolstoy

Towards our shared future

GUI is currently fundraising to build towards our vision of being a new model for urban sustainable living. Get more information or find out how you can contribute to the building of our new Kampung Kampus: